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” when a Guardian I wasn’t trying to snag showed up on my doorstep–for the fifth time.

I liked comparing notes with my best friend “So, which ending did you get? ” She liked Randy and Oscar, I liked Lumiale and Luva.

Now, before my fellow feminists gang up on me to take away my feminist card, I should say that “true” dating sims don’t get a lot of exposure outside of Japan (because of the perception that games that are marketed to girls won’t sell. Personally, I think dating sims are at least a step above all those vapid fashion/makeover and parenting sims, not to mention the “Zelda for girls” game from 2005. Sometimes it’s like developers think that girls are too dumb to understand games like Zelda, so they need their own knock-offs. Now that I’ve done a horrible disservice to feminism by attempting to defend what is possibly one of the most anti-feminist genres ever, here’s a personal anecdote: The first true dating sim I ever played was the first game in the series, which I played using an emulator with no English patch (even though there was one available).

But nothing is so effective at distracting boys from machines as a girl in a skimpy dress. movies, a young Doc Brown’s past is altered, leading to a romance with the town busybody, in turn leading to an Orwellian future in Hill Valley.

is the one that comes closest to explicitly making Zelda and Link into a couple, or at least two teenagers who like to gaze longingly at one another. The game tells us that waiting for the right person to come along isn't important just for you but for everything that ever happens from then on.

I liked calling Zephel “a little bastard” for promising to help me and then turning around and helping my rival instead.

I lost count of the times I exclaimed “Why do you keep showing up at my door!?

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Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Gef, how can you criticize romance novels–a genre that is all about landing a man–but like dating sims–which are all about landing a man?

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