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Plants are never called “living creatures” (Hebrew: nephesh chayyah), as people, land animals, birds and sea creatures are called ().

Adam and Eve sinned, resulting in the judgment of God on the whole creation.

So, whether Christians believe in Neo-Darwinian evolution, or they believe that God supernaturally created different kinds of plants and animals occasionally during the course of millions of years, they are still adopting an evolutionary view of death when they accept millions of years.

But the biblical teaching on death is very clear and consistent from Genesis to Revelation.

The serpent was cursed, along with other animals, resulting in a physical transformation.

It is reasonable to assume that the other cursed animals were also altered physically in some way, either morphologically or at least behaviorally ( and no disease, suffering, or death (Revelation 21:3–5) because there will be no more Curse (Revelation 22:3).23 To accept millions of years of animal death before the Creation and Fall of man contradicts and destroys not only the Bible’s teaching on death but also undermines its teaching on the full redemptive work of Christ.

If Genesis is true, then the evolution claims about millions of years are a lie.

They are imagining a long period of history in which certain events took place.

The fossils, which the evolutionists say represent millions of years of history, are a record not of life, but of death.

And in many places around the world we see evidence of massive and violent carnage in fossil graveyards containing millions of former living creatures packed in high concentrations.

I conclude then that if the Bible’s teaching on death, the Curse and the final redemptive work of Christ is true, as it surely is, then the millions-of-years idea must be a grand myth, really a lie.

Conversely, if the millions of years really happened, then the Bible’s teaching on these subjects must be utterly false, which is devastating for the gospel.

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