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This will be 100% personal preference as what I like in color you may not.I did three color shots and chose three different winners, so this one is a draw as color can be quite good from all of these cameras. After looking at the crayons with my own eyes and looking at these images I feel the Sony comes closest to reality, with Olympus being 2nd and Fuji 3rd.

Another color test and this one was between the Fuji and Olympus with the edge for me going to the Fuji. Many of us love portraits, so how will each camera do with a basic portrait? I prefer the Olympus as the Sony AWB really screwed the pooch creating a much too cool image.The reason being is that with the Olympus, you can still get some shallow DOF but you image will be sharper with more detail in most cases, if using a good lens. With full frame you can miss focus easily due to the shallow DOF.BUT if you nail it with FF the results are indisputable.I never noticed this at all, so let’s see how that holds up…In fact, this E-M1 file looks eerily similar to a Monochom file.

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Just how much difference is there between Micro 4/3, APS-C and Full Frame when using the same or equivalent focal length?

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