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It was around that same time that Kris also met Robert Kardashain and the Armenian lawyer quickly to a shine to the teenager.

Kris was still focused on Sanudo however, and says they were almost married in Great Britain during the 1975 Open.

The two became so close that they decided to take off for Hawaii after Kris graduated, and it was not long after they arrived that Kris snagged herself a man with a bit of fame and fortune.

Kris, who was still just 17, began dating professional golfer Cesar Sanudo, who at 28 was more than a decade older than the recent high school graduate.

Martin's Press, which will hit bookshelves in September, New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer details the many relationships of the former Kris Houghton, and how the teenage golf-groupie became the head of a billion-dollar empire.

Then, soon after she turned 19, Sanudo popped the question and Kris said yes according to a number of the golfer's friends.

Kris eventually married Robert in 1978 and the two went on to have four children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.

They were wealthy, had great friends and were living the high life in Beverly Hills, but Kris still could not control her cheating ways.

'I knew there was a mom, and I knew she had rules in the house for Kris, but she never interacted with us,' says Zimmerman, who later explains that the 'family was just very private, and Kris kind of lived within those rules.'Kris' father Robert Houghton was also not in the picture, having disappeared from her life after divorcing her mother when she was just 7, leaving her mother to raise Kris and her younger sister Karen.

That brought Kris and Mary Jo closer, and by the time she was 16 the two ladies began spending their weekends together at Rancho La Costa.

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