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I don't know if she got tired or was emotionally drained, but she changed her mind. I feel sorry for her a bit, but I couldn't believe Nick was able to come in and completely take over the game. Harrison: Jaclyn definitely had it out with Rachel.

Five years after Ed Swiderski appeared on Jillian Harris‘ season of The Bachelorette, is he still craving the limelight?

When I first came off of , I had heaps and heaps of fans who were awesome and loved me for me. I had people who called me ugly, and judged me for being in the hot tub. No matter how smart you are, that’s really hard on somebody.

It’s taken me two years of really trying to be as genuine as I can to build that trust in the fans.

It’s been a lot of fun.”On her small screen hesitations. I just wanted to go back to my old life, get married, have kids, and have a regular job. So I truly believe that the situation that happened between Ed and I allowed me to be a more positive and open-minded person, and that led me to the person I’m dating now.

But that didn’t work out for me, and it sounds cheesy, but you thank God for unanswered prayers because I’ve met somebody new who is just the most remarkable person in the world. Ed didn’t make any money from being on and in fact, a big reason why he quit his job or lost his job, was because of that show.

Harrison: I'm a kid of the '80s, so I love cheesy '80s anthems and "Sister Christian" is up there for me. They did a phenomenal job, and I knew they'd be tough to beat.

I thought Ed and Jaclyn would be the best because Ed's a clown and Jaclyn is decent. It's really too bad because they should've easily won that challenge. Harrison: There was no way Nick and Rachel weren't going to win. I don't think the show did it justice how good they were. Were you shocked that Nick and Rachel chose Chris and Sarah to join them in the finale?

How much did you love the karaoke challenge with Night Ranger? They started playing, and one of our studio executives got on stage and was jamming with them. They really got into it and didn't act like rock stars. You're singing n front of the band, so it was a tall order. None of you are going to go on stage and rock, so just learn the song, have fun, and go for it." And in their own sad way, they did. Harrison: It didn't really come off as well, but Nick came out of nowhere and just jammed.She put her interior design skills to good use for three seasons of .Most recently, Harris teamed up with Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese to give one of their contest winners a full kitchen makeover on Real Womenof On the penultimate episode of the ABC reality series, Nick and Rachel dominated the final challenge and got to choose whether Chris and Sarah or Ed and Jaclyn would join them in the finale.Shockingly, Rachel went along with her partner's wishes and ousted her bestie.

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