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They would rather listen to people who tickle their itching ears.They could all be board members of the First Church of the Flesh.The whole idea that there will be a coming Christian wealth transfer from the world to the Church is preposterous.What do they think the world will be doing while we take away their wealth and what in the world would we do with the wealth of the world anyway? Where does it say the Church will do that in scripture?

Spoken on the great reverential authority of the claimed office of an early New Testament apostle, he literally commands the earth’s obedience.However, it has nothing to do with the Church, but rather applies to Israel and the Millennial period.There are many other problems with the last-day wealth transfer notion applying to the Church.For example, it is claimed that there will yet be a last-day global harvest before the Lord returns, and that the Church will need great wealth to fund this objective as well as eradicating poverty in the world.Says Wagner, “In order to possess the gate of wealth to, among other things, develop plans to eradicate systemic poverty, we need to develop new structures of intercession to do the spiritual warfare necessary to transfer wealth.[3]” However, the Bible says directly otherwise.

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