Just pick the one that fits your project, enter the file info needed and then click on “Save”.

Another window will then appear giving you options to play the video, edit it, open the folder or copy the file path.

When it comes to screen recording, this program can provide you with the most vivid recording that you can get without affecting any running programs.

You can capture your screen or webcam individually, or record both feeds at the same time.

If you have Android phone in your pocket and wondering to buy separate web cam for your PC, Stop!

Check and modify the recorded clip To end the recording, click on the pause button and then click on the green checkmark icon and a sort of video editor will appear along with the preview of the recorded clip.

In most of the cases either the webcam feeds lag or the screen recording tool crashes.

Good thing here is that several screen recorders are still available which can do both.

Note that if you need to plug in a microphone, please insert it before you launch the recorder.2.

Launch the screen recorder To use the program, simply go to the page of this webcam and screen recorder and once on the page click on “Start Recording” to launch the screen recorder.

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Sometimes recording your screen is not enough and you might want to capture your webcam feeds as well, take for instance when you are planning to have a video chat, add game tips into a gameplay, or do a sort of app review.

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