Vba screenupdating not working

So every time we place an order will be up to see if we have sufficient stock to be able to cover that order will also then be able to add new stock add new products add new customers.But the most important feature is that we can filter all this information over time and check the stock levels of all stock. Remarks Turn screen updating off to speed up your macro code.

Screen Updating = True But, i still see the output file and the flickering where the data is being written When i put a Msgbox Application.

What I have dependent data validation for our categories and products. I hope you have enjoyed this project series for order and inventory management with user forms.

Create these static named range and the dynamic named range below. $C:$C000)) Data validation for Products dependant list =OFFSET(Cascade, MATCH($B, Cat_Validation,0),0, COUNTIF(Cat_Validation,$B),1) For the data validation to check “Out of stock” “Reorder now” go to the data validation and choose List and in the Source type the text above. Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy, _ Criteria Range:=Sheet1. I’m sure you would agree there has been a lot to learn here about application development and using code to transfer data from user forms to data sets.

But there's a big problem: You will get at least one (probably two) annoying security messages.

Microsoft has described a way to disable these messages, but it's a complicated procedure.

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Here's an alternative approach that uses a simple VBA macro.

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