Vb net validating event not firing

Now practice your newly learned skills on your own and experiment with the error provider control!The If-Else condition works fine in above Lost Focus event of Qty text box. Sel Length = Trim$(txt Qty) End If End If End Sub Private Sub txtrate_Key Press(Key Ascii As Integer) Key Ascii = int Allow Only Digit(Key Ascii) End Sub Private Sub txt Rate_Lost Focus() If txt Rate. As a beginner, I guess, its normal to make such silly mistakes.Hitting the Enter key presses that button without firing the Lost Focus event for the Text Box. I have a textbox on a tabcontrol page, and when someone tabs out of the textbox, it is suppose to move to the next tab. I have the textbox to set to Accept Tab = True, and I have Key Preview = False (because if the form grabs the event before the textbox does, it would mess things up I am assuming). The validated event works the same, only pass it the name textbox instead.Here is just the validating event handler’s code: The event driven validation model in Win Forms is powerful and flexible enough to allow you to create high quality apps that implement robust and maintainable validation code in your forms.

Cancel = true in a validating event (for a textbox for example), how can you make it so the form can be closed? I'm not a big fan of restricting a user's input order, so I stick to just showing errors and disabling Ok buttons.

Set Focus End If End Sub Now when I run the program, if I leave the quantity field blank or If I supply any value which is not multiple of 100, it keep on giving me message as written in Qty Lost Focus Event and it revolves in loop forever and I have to kill the program with Ctrl Alt Del If I remove If-Else condition for Null Checking in Rate Lost Event, then it works fine. Regards Check for Null in Quantity works fine if I do not check null for Rate. (Seems VB6 does not allow this, Plz correct me if I am wrong).

Regards It's all part of the learning curve..all go through it and continue to go through it.

After this condition is checked the focus is passed to next text box in line i.e. Here again I am checking for null value in its Lost Focus Event as follows : 0 Then Msg Box ("Quantity can be in multiples of 100 only...") txt Qty. Thanks for correcting, helping and providing me instant support.

I placed all my validation codes in Validation Event and they are working smoothly without causing any trouble.

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