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This is great news, except for one crucial detail; existing Windows phones won't be getting an upgrade to this "Windows Core OS." So what's next for existing devices?

Well first, it's important to understand what the feature2 development branch is actually for.

I have Windows 10 Pro and have installed the Threshold2 update. Instead, all you can disable is installation of manufacturer apps and icons.

There is no longer any option to not install drivers.

When Microsoft branched off Windows 10 Mobile into the feature2 branch, it also froze One Core development at Redstone 2.

The easiest way would be to use the official Microsoft trouble shooting guide consisting of a downladable tool which enables the option to hide updates, as known from previous Windows versions.

However this only enables you to hide a driver update; you have to uninstall it manually. Details on the Microsoft site can be found at support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930: To temporarily prevent the driver or update from being reinstalled until a new driver or updated fix is available, a troubleshooter is available that provides a user interface for hiding and showing Windows Updates and drivers for Windows 10.

My contacts suggest that Microsoft's next mobile device (codenamed Andromeda) will be running something internally referred to as ; a version of Windows that aims to be modular enough to run on any form factor, and as a result removes the need for a separate "Windows 10 Mobile" SKU.

Because of this, Microsoft no longer needs a phone-specific version of Windows 10, which means Windows 10 Mobile is now redundant.

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I kind of posted this more so there that there's a reference than anything else.

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