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Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

Isaac hosts the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast as well as being the monthly Illuminati expert on BLACKOUT Radio.

Not so obscure if you consider that Paul Walker was in the Skull & Bones in his film There are claims that his film history shows ties to the secret societies, and therefore the Illuminati.

posted this one up in July 2012: It’s nothing more than the escapist fantasy of a disillusioned young man named Zack Morris.

Bush (and also Democrat John Kerry; just to be fair).

Did you hear that Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez (Zack and Slater from Saved by the Bell) died in a car accident?

Walker was also in The Skulls which was about the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale.

The Skull and Bones has ties with the right wing politicians, including members of the PNAC like Robert Kagan, and high profilers such as President George W.

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