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On Act of Valor: It looked to me that the wound on her face in that photo occurred during her kidnapping, when she was thrown to the floor and then basically stomped on the head.

She was fighting them with a gun, and they overwhelmed her.

But go to her site today you see everything gone, along with these words: ..... Then her boyfriend James (I think it's her boyfriend) opened up an art site to replace it.

Then his site closed down (or at least I can no longer access it).

But this is definitely not shown or implied in the final cut.

In fact, there is absolutely nothing sexual about the entire scene, except that before her capture, she was damn hot.

Meanwhile, Sindy then opened up "Sindy's Movie Bound" (new name, same content) and now this.

I no longer have Sindy's e-mail so I don't know what's going on, but it doesn't look good.

Scenes of him dragging her semi-conscious, bloody body across the floor and zip-tying her arms overhead to a small metal bedframe?Basically, it's the best VHS available transferred to DVD. We should take up a collection somewhere for him to produce a motion picture vid around his work.No deleted scenes, no other menu items other than "Play Movie", and the Lisa Eichhorn rape scene is the same length as the VHS original. By being illustrated it could go far beyond where live models go. Re today's pic: "And now the winner for the longest run-on sentence of the year." That's a long compound sentence but it's grammatically correct and not a run-on.Yik Yakker: Yes, as an occasional frequenter of questionable websites, I agree it is better to be safe than sorry.One of the reasons I use a Linux Ubuntu workstation and Google Chrome--fewer viruses target that OS and browser at this point in time. AVG has gotten great reviews for their 2012 version. It is probably a great idea for all GIMPers who go, umm, exploring the web, to make sure they have a vigilant antivirus/antispyware application running. Bill K wrote: I believe Damian art is terrific quality but sadly for me, he creates almost no bats peril art and little fiery peril art.

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At BDSMartwork he has a very large library 100 story pictures of his art and only one bats picture I recall seeing there. : Here is site that found in late 2010 that GIMPers may find interesting that deal with death peril: different from what we see and talk about here for strictly death scenes acted out and nothing else.

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