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Hunter is certain only Tommy knows what happened that night and he is determined to find out.

Hunter wants to destroy all that Tommy loves because he thought Tommy killed his sister (Angie).

Trying to figure out who she has feelings for, Tommy or Kwest, she kisses Tommy. At the end of season three, the truth of Angie's death comes out and Portia is arrested.

He was a little too out of it to stop her and Jude walked in. Tommy gives Jude a plane ticket and asks her to come away with him because he loves her.

On Jude's sixteenth birthday, after Shay dumped her, she asked Tommy what was wrong with her, why she can't get guys to fall in love with her.

"You're asking the wrong guy," he says and kisses her in the rain.

In season two, GMajor was taken over by Darius so Tommy was stressed out. Sadie then dumped Tommy when she believed he cheated on her.

season 2 comes to a close, the fan favorite supernatural show has displayed its mastery of the game of demon-slaying action.He doesn't want Jude to go with him because his past his very troubled and " his home is not like her home".After 5 weeks and three days of Tommy being gone she realizes she needs him and goes to his hometown to be with him.Jude is having issues with sex and is unsure of whether Tommy truly wants her or not, then they take care of that.This relationship goes well until Tommy's mother gets sick and he has to go home to take care of her.

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