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Some researchers call this ancient center Agharti, others Shambhala.

They are in fact so imposing that it does not seem absurd to conjecture, as some scientists have done, that they are the handiwork of an UNKNOWN RACE of Giants "" One legend - if it be that!Eventually, after investigating and exploring, scientists found a whole system of tunnels connecting with other ones in Georgia and all over the Caucasus." " The Tibetans believe that the tunnels are citadels, the last of which still afford refuge to the survivors of an immense cataclysm. ) Nobody ever found out who Scharipf was or what became of him.[Triggered by the "This remarkable photo [to the right] was given [by] a UFO researcher who prefers to remain anonymous. What role have the Agharti inhabitants played with humanity? Hardjji did in fact exist, however, and he was responsible for putting the Agarthian idea into Saint-Yves brilliant mind.The proof is in his utter seriousness of character, and in the publications and correspondence of the rest of his life, which take Agartha and its Brahmatma for unquestionable realities " "Here is an extract from Saint-Yves description of the subterranean city of Agartha "Thousands, even millions of students have never penetrated beyond the first suburban circles; few succeed in mounting the [ancient] steps of this formidable Jacobs ladder which lead through initiatic trials and examinations to the central cupola.The latter, a work of magical architecture like all of Agartha, is lit from above with reflecting panels that only allow the light to enter after it has passed through the entire enharmonic scale of colors, in comparison to which the solar spectrum of our physics treatises is merely the diatonic scale.

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Its government is the ideal one of "Synarchy" which the surface races have lost since the schism that broke the Universal Empire in the fourth millennium BCE Now and then Agartha sends emissaries to the upper world, of which it has perfect knowledge.

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