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"My boyfriend's apartment overlooks a park and main road, and we often sit on the fire escape.One night, we were out there and started getting frisky. but it is more than just letting go – it is also moving forward. I want to show him the pain I endured every night for fourteen long years. Maybe if I get an answer, things will be different? I feel like this is the part where I belt out, From Disney’s hit Frozen…I still worry that some neighbor will recognize me." —Akiko, 20 "My best friend and I are very competitive with each other, especially when it comes to guys.One night, we went out, and she wore a revealing outfit.We were in the middle of hooking up when they came home.

I personally, have never received any answers to why I suffered for all those years… We can’t write away our wounds from the past, but with time they can heal and make up for our future. Maybe even flip his desk, maybe throw some profanities at him too… Talk to someone and don’t feel ashamed – our voices is what make us stronger and confident in who we are. and letting go is the side effect that follows, because we can’t carry the heavy load with us while we’re moving. We move forward because we are not moving backwards anymore…One night, we went to a party with guys my roomies knew from high school.I hit it off with one of their friends and brought him back to our place while the guys were still at the party.

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