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The aircraft conducted a 50-minute conventional flight from Palmdale to Edwards Air Force Base.

During the flight the X-32B was subjected to a series of initial airworthiness tests, including flying qualities and subsystems checkout.

Sweeney cycled the landing gear and performed aircraft flying-qualities evaluations, including rolls, sideslips, and overall systems checks.

Primary differences from the X-35A include a larger wing and control surfaces, the addition of ailerons and a special structure to absorb high-impact landings.

The selection of Lockheed Martin and Boeing for the concept demonstration phase was made in early 1997.

O'Donoghue then accelerated out of the hover and transitioned back to conventional flight before making a "slow landing." During four other flights the same day, the X-32B completed three additional hovers and numerous transitions to STOVL flight.How many times have you asked yourself: "What should I do tonight? Is there anything exciting going on this weekend in DC? "Things To Do® is the premiere organization for young professionals to socialize and network.With a membership of over 175,000, we produce a wide variety of original, interactive social, educational and cultural events that enrich your social and cultural experiences.On 15 November 2000, the X-32A began field carrier landing practice (FCLP) tests to demonstrate flying and handling qualities during low-speed aircraft carrier approach. Flying as many as five flights a day the week of 18 December, the X-32A successfully completed low-speed approach CV tests, marking completion of 100% of the government-defined CV test objectives.The X-32B took to the air for the first time on 29 March 2001, the pilot was Phil O'Donoughe.

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