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Power was distributed from the shaft to the machinery by a system of belts, pulleys and gears known as millwork. The fixed pulley on the upper shaft is driven at constant speed by a belt from the power source.The loose pulley ('idler') allows the machine to be stopped in isolation – necessary for changing speed.This is your golden moment to dance with your new friends or connect with that special someone.A line shaft is a power driven rotating shaft for power transmission that was used extensively from the Industrial Revolution until the early 20th century.Margarita Happiness 4PMHarbor Lounge 359 Commercial St.DANCE PARTY 9PMTickets: - Pied, 193 Commercial Street Did somene catch your eye? Come dance, mingle, and flirt with other single women who are also in town looking for someone - perhaps someone like you.

Previous years participants nic-named this Provincetowns Amazing Race.The stepped pulleys (left) provide three drive speeds for the machine tool (not shown), depending on which pair of pulleys is connected by the belt.A typical line shaft would be suspended from the ceiling of one area and would run the length of that area.COMEDY SHOW: JACKIE MONAHAN 8PM The hysterical Jackie Monahan has been setting the comedy stages of New York and LA on fire with her fearless brand of humor.She has toured the country as a featured performer with Amy Schumer and has appeared on Showtime, Comedy Central and Logo.

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