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This list generally excludes multi-genre festivals with only a partial focus on electronic music (Glastonbury, Summer Sonic Festival, and Big Day Out) and festivals that have added EDM stages in later years.However, fusion festivals may be listed under individual subtopics of Category: Electronic music festivals by country.

Nowadays there are many dating sites that are using the expression "Join for Free" in their advertising.People over 40 have more experience of everything, including both social communication and intimacy.People are searching for their couple during all their lives, but still a moment comes, when it is more convenient to except such reality and be with the one who is available, just because you cannot find your matching half.The Summer of Love from 1967 to 1968 was an important aspect of the counterculture movement of the 1960s, which was closely tied with alternative music and free rock festivals featuring genres such as psychedelic rock.The development of better electronic speaker equipment allowed for massive concerts to attract hundreds of thousands of attendees.

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  1. The Berlin Wall Memorial Site logged only 500,000 visitors in 2013, though extra crowds arrived in November 2014 for the 25 anniversary of its fall. It takes extra effort to reach Yellowstone National Park (3.2 million) or the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China (4.8 million).

  2. If on the other hand, it started with meeting in a club and going home together, that does not mean you are exclusive. The Swiss are, after all, the ones who are famous for making watches. That means most of them take punctuality pretty seriously.