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During the 18th and early 19th centuries this bridge was maintained by the Colnbrook turnpike trustees, who presumably erected in 1834 the bridge with cast-iron parapets which now stands.

Rocque's map of 1754, shows clearly the settlement pattern: at Longford, Harmondsworth, Sipson there were small compact groups of houses, and a straggling group at Heathrow.

Later the quarry's main purpose changed to excavating sand and gravel.

The quarry company went bankrupt in 1943, and in 1944 and after the airport obliterated it and everything of Heathrow village.

At Longford they lined both sides of the Bath Road from the east bank of the Longford River up to and across the Duke of Northumberland's River.

The uncultivated area west of the rivers was to the north known as Harmondsworth moors, south of the Bath Road the area between the Colne and the Longford rivers was meadowland and, between the Longford and the Duke's rivers, arable.

In 1586 land on either side of the river was charged with the upkeep of Mad Bridge, which carried the Bath Road across the river.Middlesex County Council opened a large sewage sludge settlement works west of Perry Oaks farm; in the 1990s it was removed and Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 is there now.In 1648 the first bridge across the then new Longford River was demolished. In the 19th century, when it was called Stone Bridge, the Crown, not a local authority, was responsible for its upkeep and by 1960 it had been renamed King's Bridge.The last bridge or ford in the west over the Wraysbury River marked the boundary of Colnbrook which has been superseded by the M25 motorway which the road then crosses over.The Duke of Northumberland's River that runs from here to Isleworth since its construction in or about 1543. Longford's soil is the rich western soil of the historic parish of Harmondsworth, being alluvial.

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