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This page contains usage notes on the class, and a link to the source.Mark Riffey made the request: "I want to do TIME('12','24','06') and get a Clarion [standard] time just like I would do DATE('12','24','2004') and get a Clarion date." Steve Parker, with a little help from his friends, shows how it's done.

They can't run their SQL server and the environment your program has to run in is always changing. (The SQL server isn't included in their 100% uptime guarantee.) Writing a Web application with ASP. So easy, many developers don't take the time to structure their applications for great performance.Clarion's TEXT control is versatile and useful, but has next to no word processing capabilities.But as Tim Phillips shows, it's relatively easy to add capabilities like search/replace, block reformatting, and more. Clarion's TEXT control is versatile and useful, but has next to no word processing capabilities.In addition, custom designed icons can also be ordered.Make your software and websites original and make sure they stand out from thousands of others.

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