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There’s something awry with their child, which comes to the forefront after she relocates to the United States to attend college.When she’s assaulted, Asụghara and Saint Vincent, her other identities emerge, leading to a surreal and unsettling novel that seems to get deeper and darker the further it goes.Their friendship grounds , and marks the return of a prominent author whose words cut deep. When his 99-year-old mother dies right before the party, Big Angel moves onward with the party as a tribute to her, and then spends pages examining how he became the first generation of the De La Cruz family to live on the American side of the border.examines rape culture on college campuses with a precision and gentleness that few novels have achieved.

Camellia Beauregard is one of those Belles, and she’s sent to Orléans with her five sisters to bestow beauty on those with the money to pay for it.Being able to escape into another world is one of the best parts about reading fiction.Book lovers, myself included, can attest to that surreal feeling of being sucked into a character’s thoughts, feelings, and understanding of the world they’re inhabiting.In this page-turner, Alexa, a politically savvy lawyer, meets Drew, a pediatrician with a penchant for bed-hopping, on an elevator.Their chemistry is electric, and he invites her to accompany him to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

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  1. Author/Artist LJ Name: saras_girl Songspiration: Immortals - Fall Out Boy Prompter: Electric Kettle Title: It Takes a Village Prompt Number: 116Pairing(s): Harry/Draco and implied Ron/Hermione Summary: Eighth year isn’t exactly going to plan. For the first time, they deal with each other with no lies to hide behind.