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Daniel is in front of me reading a book I know nothing about which looked like old scriptures. We are not fighting there as I recall just chatting. He is so focused that he didn’t even bother looking at us when talking.He even showed me a page where there are 3 lined phrases(not sure) as I recall it’s in a different language.June 18,2015 I tried to do Astral Projection again. I saw myself panicking while browsing on our wireless telephone for receiving a message from a businessman. The man I dreamed before is still a mystery but the weird dreams are just as unexplained. I figure out the 1st dream immediately coz I’ve been bothered by my work the whole week but surprisingly the 2nd dream needs to be interpreted more carefully.I did not succeed BUT I had set of dreams - on different places, with different people. Then I was relieved the message was still on the phone. I know it’s cliche but that’s what I felt about the place. Sitting there are couples, I don’t know any of them. I remember me and my friends walked on that alley and then it looked like they won’t allow us to be there coz we’re all Single. The next scene, I remember being in the shower clothed and crying. I tried figuring out why I dreamed of Daniel and Lester in the first place.This impact, however, is not merely restricted to Morpheus, but also to various other personified deities of Greek mythology. I now realized it wasn’t supposed to be done that way. He was looking at me with his head slightly bent to the left. I cannot describe his over all clothing since I could only see up to his shoulders.This is weird coz I haven’t seen a Bible movie or any movie with people wearing such clothes for a month I guess and I didn’t even thought of that since I’m focused on these Astral Projection.Zeus’ wife, Hera then sent Iris, the messenger of the gods to the hall of Somnus in the Underworld, as she wanted to send a dream to Alcyone about the death of her husband, Ceyx.

His mimicry of humans is not limited to physical appearances, but also includes voice, mood, gait and even choice of words. [Online] Available at: am a university student doing a BA degree in Archaeology My interests range from lsquo conventional rsquo to lsquo radical rsquo interpretations of the archaeological textual pictorial data set I believe that intellectual engagement by advocates from both ends...I took the clues Daniel, Lester, and the Mystery book in my mind. Daniel interprets dreams of the Kings before and I know nothing about these. I tried before but I’m not that good in interpreting writings so I don’t really understand much. I didn’t know how it could be connected to the “Book of Daniel​” coz it’s too long to read.So I kinda solved the mystery book of Daniel.​ The website is entitled “Apocalypse of Daniel”.​ I read the writings and the interpretation but still I can’t understand much. My head might hurt too bad before I could finish the Gospel.Also, I don’t know the man so I thought it wasn’t that important.I had an event the day after so I didn’t thought about the dream too much, not until I had weirder dreams.

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