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The first American patent issued for a calendar movement was in 1853.c1806 – machine made wood screws were introduced in France as early as 1806.Like knowing when certain features were introduced or certain materials became available.A few simple things that can point you in the right direction and at the correct period for your antique wall clock, advertising clock or bracket clock.c1896 – marking the country of origin was required on clocks imported into the United States; e.g.Made in England or England, Made in France, France, etc.Even the type of material used to construct your antique clock movement can help, or discovering when chimes were introduced and the type of chime used.c1836 – gold electroplating was introduced and became popular within a few years.

Chauncy Jerome began manufacturing cheap 30-hour brass movements in the 1830’s; by the early 1840’s brass movements virtually replaced wooden ones.Examine the hands on the face of the dial as they are a very distinctive, telltale feature.Up until 1875, the hands featured an embellishment a third of the way down from the top that resembled a small bird with wings and tail protruding from the clock hand.By 1830, the frame of an Thomas mantel clocks was often constructed in a deep, rich, dark mahogany wood.Examine your mantel clock for the type of wood used in its production.

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They are metal rods specially tuned to produce a sequence of chime notes when struck by the movement’s chime hammers. c1910 – Bakelite an early inflammable, mouldable plastic, was invented. Leo Baekeland, founded the Bakelite Corporation around 1910.

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