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Uh, as someone who had to place greater stock in what her gut was telling her than what her body was presenting, I can't imagine that situation remaining tolerable for much longer. "), except not this one because by serving in that fucking war, he's earned his angle.

Her identity sort of depends on expressing the way she feels, you know? Even though it was in response to her dancing up on Chet, it would have been appropriate for any number of Baya-centered situations throughout this episode. It's the gift that keeps on giving as far as numerical facts go.

On being selected, Conklin said that it almost started as a joke.

MTV was casting at a bar he was visiting, and he decided to apply.

D., the gender conflict in the house, with Ryan and Chet taking issue with what they saw as Sarah's lack of sincerity and prejudice, and the cast's feelings about Ryan's recall.

It is revealed that Ryan and Belle broke up, and that he and Baya are in a relationship.

There are other moves part of a much greater dance, but you can't show them on TV.

Ryan Allen Conklin (born April 1, 1985) is a former Sergeant in the United States Army, known as a cast member on the MTV reality television series, The Real World: Brooklyn, and star of The Real World Presents: Return to Duty, a 2009 documentary that chronicled his second tour of duty serving as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and author of the Iraq War memoir, An Angel From Hell Conklin was born on April 1, 1985 in Marshall, Michigan to Dave and Pat Conklin. The son of a Marshall teacher, Ryan attended the public elementary schools of Gordon, Sherman, and Madison.

In 1996, he and his family moved to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

From the looks of it, her necessary introspection has helped her figure out exactly what she likes (that'd be ) and how she's going to get it. She really needs to make that happen quickly before someone else has the same idea! He's cute and sweet and I like when his legs are open and all, but I'm not sure if he's got much of a future with his samey songs.

I can't think of any greater pop-cultural example of a transgender woman being allowed to be the normal sexual being that she is. Although, what the fuck is this relationship she has where she can't talk about the way she feels? After all, in her words, everyone's a little charming when they play music. Sometimes he looks like Ellen De Generes and sometimes he sings about the same things as Ani Di Franco. All I'm saying is he has "lesbian icon" written all over him. Also, in most other situations I'd bitch about his repetitiveness ("I served in Iraq..wrote a song! " "Your voice is like Iraq to my ears." "Let's play Iraqical chairs!

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