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You can read all about it here GET WET: Kayak, dragon-kayak, sailing – Tidal sea-based pool, beach, sea terraces – Rafting & raft building – Sea-flat marine walks – Boat & boom-net trips to nearby islands * GET HIGH: Coconut tree climbing – Rock climbing wall on the beach – Skywalk first, then take the leap of faith! GET INVOLVED: Orienteering, village walks – Hill treks: choose your challenge level * – Our celebrated community programs * – Our famous Eco/edu tours – Survivor island adventure * GET PLAYFUL: Ping pong tables, archery – volleyball, futsal & basketball courts – Team building games / obstacle course – Massage * From the year Loo La opened (2000) until now, these chalets have been a success with lovers of the outdoors.Stunningly located, there are 5 such chalets on the sea, and one land chalet with its own beach. Certified staff with a century of combined experience. Our long list of (school) clients is testament to our safety record Have a look at the list of activities listed above (in text and in photos), see even more photos on our facebook site, or have a look at our videos.We run such ongoing camps with quality partners such as Centaurs Rugby and CUFA Football.In these camps, kids don’t just enjoy the fabulous Loo La experience, but they will also hone their Rugby or Football skils with the experienced coaches from our partners.If your company is keen to see world-class sustainability in action – while having a great team bonding experience at the same time … You are also most welcome to stay in a hotel of your choice, and let us organise a heart-warming spell of community engagement programs for you, including programs that will bring a lifetime supply of clean water to local schools and households. Have a blast: the region’s most exciting team bonding activities!We’ve all been there, the usual teambuilding events in fancy hotels….

We wanted to show that one can build beautiful villas with modern luxuries – while staying fully eco. Those families who have tried it invariably list it as one of the highlights of their stay at Loo La.

That place is Loo La: there’s no neighbors and no TV (unless you really beg for it 😉 ), but there’s a whole lot of very enjoyable yet challenging activities that create mutual trust and bonding.

Try to get a kayak to go where you want – we’ve got kayaks that hold between 2 to 10 people!

At $ 600 per person (twin-sharing, all-in, including ferry) or $ 450 per person (dormitory style) for a 2N3D spectacular experience, this could well be the best family investment you’ve ever made …

Developed and owned by two teachers, Loo La brings together the latest educational insights to promote team spirit, self-confidence, leadership skills, and a sensitivity for the local community; but above all, to have an unforgettable experience …

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