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5) Since I have not yet completed the game, I am respectfully requesting that you do not send contributions just yet, unless they are contained within the sections of the game that are already covered in the guide. She is quite odd, and it's not very certain who or even what she is.

Also, please do not ask questions about any sections that aren't yet covered in the guide, as obviously, I won't be able to answer them. Thanks to her armor, Ershin is quite slow, but her attacks are quite powerful.

6) Please try to be as specific as possible when asking gameplay questions. Her learned skills allow her to deal more damage than normal, that is, if you're lucky.

Breath of Fire IV is not the only game I have written a guide for, nor is it the only game I receive E-mail about. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- v0.99 () ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Walkthrough completed!! She is weak on the magic side, but her physical power will prove to be more than worthy in your endeavor.

The latest version of this guide will always be sent to the sites listed above the Terms of Distribution, but it is impossible for me to keep track of what sites have this posted and send updates to each one. And, just like Ryu, he is able to transform into Dragons, which even more increases his outstanding power.If you don't get an immediate response, please don't bother me with more E-mail. "Hex" is a weapon used by the Imperial Forces that covers the infected area with a black mist, said to be the physical form of the hatred and anger of humans.I read and respond to just about all my mail, so I do fall behind at times. Not much is known about Ershin, as her special armor completely seals her entire body, and she never takes it off, even while eating or sleeping.2) When distributing the FAQ, it must remain in its full, original, and un-altered form unless you have written permission from the author to do otherwise. both transforming into Dragons himself and summoning Dragons to do his bidding during battle.This includes changing the format, inserting banners or "advertisements", and removing or otherwise changing the information contained therein. I spent many hours of my time to create this document, so it is only fair that I be given credit for my hard work. Since he is the main character, he will almost always be in your party.

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