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He's convinced that the NSA is onto him; old pal Le Ann Harvey (Neve Campbell) convinces him to hack into the NSA's system. Frank's call to James Miller's widow doesn't go as planned; he expects her to thank him for taking out her husband's killer.

He agrees, and finds a way to backdoor into social media, which might prove useful at A. She tells him to get lost and to take Miller's name out of his mouth.

ended with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) becoming husband Frank's (Kevin Spacey) running mate in the upcoming presidential election against suave but hotheaded Republican Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman).

Wright has joked that our real-life POTUS has taken "all of our good ideas," making the Netflix drama's far-fetched plots seem a little less, well, far-fetched. and White House chief of staff Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) are murderers who have narrowly avoided being killed themselves. Pretty sure none of that's in James Comey's receipts, but, hey, ya never know.

In a total Trump move, he also insists on the tightening of visa restrictions and an intense no-fly list.

Secretary of State Catherine Durant (Jayne Atkinson), ever the voice of reason, balks, calling it "unprecedented." Or is that "unpresidented"?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, she's still sleeping with Tom Yates (Paul Sparks), even though he steals her stuff and helps himself to the White House kitchen.

There's been a lot of talk about FBI raids targeting Joshua Masterson. The bruised and battered criminal won't give up any ICO intel, but does hock up a big wad of spit the president's way.

The net may also be closing in on Aidan Mac Allen (Damian Young), the hack-happy data scientist who has, as he notes, been doing "some illegal things" for the Underwoods.

News breaks that agents are closing in on the terrorist in Virginia — or "Virgina," as Ann Curry's dodgy chyron puts it — but it's a dead-end. ) Frank and Assistant FBI Director Nathan Green (Jeremy Holm) have had him in a cell this whole time. Frank tells a reluctant Green to "get rid of the asset," and the next scene shows POTUS announcing in a press conference that Masterson was unfortunately killed in a manhunt.

He helpfully adds that domestic terrorism is still running rampant, and that Congress really needs to get on that declaration of war. Democratic Minority Leader Bob Birch (Larry Pine) informs Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) that Congress plans to use the war committee to investigate Frank.

This is especially crucial in five swing states: Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Stamper tells those governors’ aides that they’ve received threats, hence the need for “safe” voting centers.

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