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It's unclear whether the investigation was assigned to another detective. When we called him for comment, he seemed to be aware of the case.

"I don't know if the investigation is ongoing or concluded," he said, "so I wouldn't comment.

But I will tell you this much: I was never contacted by Bill O' Reilly or anyone associated with him and asked to launch an investigation." Asked if he knew O' Reilly personally, Mulvey replied, "Yes." He refused to answer further questions.

Mulvey and O' Reilly may have gotten to know each other at events like the one pictured here: A December 2010 fundraiser for the NCPD Foundation that both men attended.

"He told me, ' You'll never guess what happened to me the other day. I got called into my boss' office saying they wanted me to meet with these two PI's working for O' Reilly to go over some information because a detective was having an affair with O' Reilly's wife.'"According to our source, Delargy offered Harasym no justification for investigating the detective—who is unmarried—aside from the alleged infidelity.

"The order was to investigate this detective not for any misdeeds," the source said, "but to see if they could get anything on him.

Instead, he used the opportunity to implore those in attendance to live a life pleasing unto God. Someone once said that sin is like a king that hires servants and after the servant would have gone out and labour then come his wages," he said.

He admitted that the service was deliberately shortened based on its nature.

They had information about an NCPD officer they believed to be carrying on with O' Reilly's wife.

Delargy told Harasym to launch an investigation into the man and to tell him to end the relationship.

The woman, who likened the proceeding to a 'state funeral', was referring to the many police personnel who could be seen at various posts on and around the church compound, some conducting spot checks of the vehicles travelling through the area.

Though family members and other well-wishers sang at the top of their voices, giving outsiders the impression that the service was well-attended, only a handful of people were seen scantily seated inside the church.

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