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Sometimes I think maybe I should just ask them if it is OK to give them a kiss but, then I do not want to come off as having little confidence which some women find as a turn off.

I guess at my age (53) I am just not sure what is the right thing to do when dating women close to my age and what they might expect.Don't worry about "killing the mood." When a guy I want to kiss asks if he can kiss me, it makes me want to kiss him even more! Don't be an idiot and try to convince yourself that she somehow misinterpreted your nonverbal request for a kiss.When a guy I don't want to kiss asks if he can kiss me, I say no, which is the exact same thing I would have said if he didn't ask and just went for it.3. It's 2015 -- she can wear her big girl pants.4. You keep looking from her eyes to her lips, and she's doing the same to you. Women are experts at reading body language and sexual intent.If you offered to walk me home and I said no, that means I don't want you walking me home.Because I know once we get there, you're probably going to try to kiss me or weasel your way into my apartment.

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