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Retroactive jealousy (sometimes known as retrograde jealousy, or retrospective jealousy) simply means an unhealthy interest in your partner’s sexual and/or romantic past.

You and your therapist will work together to find the right balance of therapy, medications, and stress management techniques that will give you the best chance of success.

"I’m laughing at this," he explained, showing me a You Tube clip featuring Donald Trump sitting in meetings and moving things around the table. oathe as I am to correct a small child who has just made an extremely pertinent point, it would have been remiss of me not to point out that such behavior is consistent with aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition that Trump has acknowledged he suffers from in a "borderline" way (he also has a reluctance to shake hands and attributes this to a fear of germs).

My nine-year old was watching a video on his i Pod and laughing his head off – this is usually a sign to intervene in a fatherly fashion as it almost invariably involves people in ‘Epic Fails’, inappropriate language or women with large bosoms on trampolines (occasionally all three at the same time).

Having OCD is tough…getting the right help shouldn’t be.

And you know that if you don't follow the rules of that superstition, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

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If you suffer from repetitive thoughts about your partner’s sexual or romantic history, you may have heard the phrase “retroactive jealousy OCD” bandied about.

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  1. It also is interesting to see how someone's picture doesn't always align with their interests, so you're able to evaluate the person on more than just their picture. I'd suggest before you meet up with a guy — let him know you are NOT trying to just hook up ...