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Me an’ Useless Grant wus bofe valyun ossifers, an’ we curmanded de mighty hostes whut brung indemption ’pon you ; an’ we is gwine ter pervide fer yer furder ret’rogade erlong de smil- in’ pafway ob gullibility — ” Just here a snort from Mr.

and the ‘ hoodoo ; ' but I am not a novice in the art cuisine.” “ Many thanks. Perhaps the blue coat, brass buttons, sword, spurs, and martial bearing — ” “ Down, Selim ! Then she stepped out of the saddle and ran up the steps, shak- ing her whip at Tom.

De minyuns ob flustration is now incealed in dat wilier ambush ; some ob you deakins mus’ take er corp’ral’s guard an’ reploy yerselves ter de lef’ flank an’ de right flank ob dat g’riller thicket, an’ den repote de insult ob yo’ recerniterin’ ter headquarters.

We will now rejourn dis ’sociation, but fust you all come up heah an’ ’tribute ob yer meanness ter dis refutable cause ; ’sides, me an’ de doctor ’sires ter see ebery one ob you pussonally an’ p’intedly, as we is gwine ter ’zibit an’ splanify some ’grediunces which we hab ter ’spose ob dat will op’rate ter yer detriment.” A tall, swarthy white man, with long, black hair and clothed in a gorgeous Indian costume, who had not before been observed, now stood up with Uncle Eph., while the negroes were pressing forward from all directions to drop their dimes and dollars at the feet of these fakirs.

There is an inde- finable difference — a latent or subtle dissimilarity of personality or magnetism, an essence of individ- uality, that you recognize by the impression it makes upon your own occult perceptivities, rather than the material resemblance manifestly open to ocular demonstration. Soon the ping and cluck of axes, the thud of mauls, the rasp- ing of saws, the shouts and songs and whistlings of the exuberant woodmen filled the forest with such a medley of resonance as brought dismay and con- sternation to the winged warblers and other deni- zens of the “ deep-tangled wildwood.” It is suffi- cient to say that a complete transformation was wrought in the Blassingame farm during the first year of Mr. A sawmill, with the necessary operatives, was set down to work into lumber the heavy growth of timber ; clover and grass seeds were sown upon the available lands, outside of the area cultivated by Blassingame, Herring, and the negroes; the woodlands were fenced, and large numbers of horses, mules, cattle, and hogs were turned in for pasture.

Tom Blassingame gathered good crops, which Lynn bought, paying the market price, Tom realizing a net income largely in excess of any he had hitherto obtained from a cotton crop.

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