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Looking for someone kind, who will help me through this. I am extremely sweet, genuine, giving, loving, patient, compassionate, understanding, highly sensitive, affectionate, intelligent, funny, a great listener and an exceptional woman. I also love the outdoors especially hiking, swimming, walking, bike riding, exploring new parks, music festivals, agricultural fairs, clubbing, I dont' drink or smoke and never did drugs. I also love farm animals, vintage cars, monster trucks, shopping for clothes, outlets, the beach especially Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and the Jersey Shore.My itialian lover wants to watch me with another woman. I have been married to my best friend for over 25 years, who knows and supports my bi sexuality and has no desire to be included..... I love taking day trips and spending a week by the beach. I am not a massage therapist but I give great massages.In the case of squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer lesion typically starts as a small crusted or scaly area or skin with a red or pink base.It may grow into a lump, which may look like a wart.

'I don't mind admitting that like most women I am a touch vain.'I had got burnt before, in my teens, but have protected my face with products containing sun protection for many years.The biopsy confirmed a squamous cell carcinoma and she underwent Mohs surgery, a specialised microscopic operation ideal for patients with this type of skin cancer.Plus, due to the demands of my job, I had to be in Milan and then New York with work in the new year.'Upon observation, he suspected Joy's apparent spot was actually a squamous cell carcinoma - the second most common form of skin cancer after basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and wanted a biopsy taken to confirm this.'This came as a huge shock, especially considering the fact I'd avoided the sun for many years,' says Joy.

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