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Flaunting those flawless legs is something that comes naturally to her. Her feminine signature styles have become a trademark over the years.

Let us find out more about Taylor Swift and find out why there might never be another Taylor Swift, not in this century! Plenty, when you read everything about Taylor Swift!

In a luxury car, behind the flashy shades, dayum, is she throwing some serious shade at Kim Kardashian or what?

The look, with its Marlyn Monroe wibes, was kept as simple as could be while allowing those wild curls do the work Here is the Taylor that rose from the dead, in a high neck full sleeved fur leotard dedicated to her “dead” reputation.

Look at how think the material is, I bet she is boiling inside it.

Red continues to be the theme for her next when she hits back at the haters embracing the ‘snake’ her twitter and Instagram were flooded with last year following the Kimye fiasco.

She switched her red nais for gold while her pet snakes serve her some tea.

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That red kimino dress is times better than anything any red carpet has seen.

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