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I hope that I haven't bored you with the details above. How clever of Fed Ex to put the order in the garage. We are thrilled that we can now order them online and have them shipped directly to our home to enjoy anytime. My sister-in-law has had to give out your site, as all that attended the party wanted to know where she got them from.

I called my brother immediately back to tell him this (as you had left me a phone message). She has posted her favourable comments on Facebook and her friends have all 'liked' it.

When in Ottawa (which is seldom) my brother always stops by the Golden Palace to order egg rolls to take back home to Kingston. How special to have this treat delivered to his door, on his 70th Birthday, or in this case, in the garage. One question, that should be included on the web site page; can they be frozen??

Usually, when I visit Ottawa I transport my egg rolls by car back to Tecumseh. My friend was driving through Ottawa yesterday and phoned me.

For several years my family dined in your restaurant and ordered take out.

Whether we dined in The Golden Palace or ordered from your take out menu, your delicious egg rolls were always a must. My mother however enjoyed them with your hot mustard.

For additional eggroll quantities, they must be ordered in increments of 2 dozen at a time. Currently there are many convenient Penguin Pick-up locations in GTA.

Ship-Direct -- available in Ontario via priority overnight with our shipping partner Fedex. Select one of the following in the dropdown menu then press ORDERS & SHIP button Check our Holiday Shipping Schedule to make sure you receive your order promptly. - my father used to travel by car from Toronto to Ottawa on business. Each time, at my request, he would bring back several dozen egg rolls and the fab sauce for me.

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Our eggrolls are now available for shipping to customers in Ontario.

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