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Now that we know this is a scientific psychological effect on men, what is the simple answer? Make it a challenge, go on a few dates, develop a relationship, & a friendship ( that’s what Lauryn did, for the record ). When you tell us not to do something, we want to do it. I vividly remember a few years ago I went to Vegas with my guy friends & Lauryn said “go ahead, bye.” And while they were all raging I was outside of the club calling Lauryn. Having a girl who’s confident & cool enough to let you do your thing is a real keeper…and men know it. He will not like you more if you sleep with him right away, actually it’s just the opposite.…Now if you’re just in it for the sex & not the relationship then go ahead & get it girl. You never want to be the guy that sends the girl home after…”a nice evening”…You also don’t want to be the guy early on in the relationship that has to wake up next to a girl you’re just getting to know after a HEAVY night of whatever the hell you guys were doing the evening before…Think about it like this, when you’re getting ready for your first dates, do you roll out of bed, throw on an old sloppy t-shirt, let your make-up from the night before drip down your face, go in with morning breath, & say “yea, this is the look, this will get him.”Of course not! It’s the insecure ones who will have issue after issue…after issue.

Wait a couple of weeks until you know the guy to spend the night & if you do spend the night? Honestly nothing is worse than an insecure girl who thinks another girl is going to pop out of the bushes & steal their man the moment he steps out with his friends. That means a lot.'I thought the women's movement has struggled for 25 years to allow marriage to be an equal partnership, so I no longer had to give up my name, my domicile, my credit rating, so why not? I became the centre of a Twitter storm recently because I said young women would back senator Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton [as the Democratic nominee for US President] because that's where the boys are.As a writer I was doing stories I was assigned instead of ones I thought were important.Gloria Steinem is a feminist icon, a champion of women's rights since the days when women didn't have any.The American activist and author will be 82 next month, and from the early Sixties onwards she has never stopped writing and campaigning for her core causes: birth control, equal pay, an end to violence against women, civil rights and social justice.

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It may be hard to hear, & may be even hard to follow, but trust me when I tell you, this is what the majority of men want/think.

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