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It was like all of the stars had aligned perfectly for this one night. I do not own any of those characters nor know them, adfsjkl etc. Sure, he still wanted her, but more importantly, he needed for her to be there, to support him, hell, to acknowledge his existence would have been nice.And yet, here he was, sitting on the couch in the background while she preoccupied herself with Mark.“But I loved what I was doing.” “The sacrifices I made in personal relationships had the biggest effect on my life,” he continues. 2 seat to my job." Renner's longest relationship was during his twenties and lasted five-and-a-half years.But even then, marriage was never an option because the actor never saw himself as a solid provider to his then-girlfriend.As he puts it: "'What the hell are you doing next week, motherf---er, let alone 40 years from now?

Though "The Town" actor brought his mother as his date, he reportedly made a beeline for Johansson on the red carpet, where the two were pictured giggling and whispering in each other's ears.Coming back from her most recent tour to see Chris shooting The Avengers, she discovers destiny may have brought her someone from all across the Atlantic. Until she met Gerard.(That's all I'm telling you just read it) ; P**Disclaimer** Any music tastes, college preferences, college settings, etc.But destiny, as she finds out in this journey, brings along obstacles in the trickiest ways. And I've waited all this time to finally do something, and fully intend to--thanks to the spiked orange juice I smuggled in the back of the cab. are probably not correct and have most likely been imagined by yours truly.More than that, she never expected that the boy's uncle would be Chris Evans and they would hit it off so well.(Note: CA: CW comes out a year early for this fic) Sebastian Stan moves into a new apartment and meets his hot blonde neighbour for the first time and of course falls head over heels for the guy.

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