Is billy corgan still dating jessica origliasso

"Lolita" had stalled at number 23, but now, with a committed campaign by new benefactors Sony, the Veronicas hit double platinum. Related: 5 Ways The Veronicas Heighten Our Consciousness The story is as old as the hills: the devastation that the reshuffling of record company personnel inflicts on an act. label, Sire, was further phased into parent group Warner, and the Veronicas changed hands. "We went through three CEOs, four A&Rs." One fortuitous meeting was with Corgan, who had experienced similar battles.

After finishing touring in support of 2007's Hook Me Up, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso met with producers and songwriters, including Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan and Nirvana helmsman Butch Vig, to work on album three. "We were rather close with him for a few years," says Jessica, referring to her romance with the alt-rock svengali, "and he kept us grounded, saying, ‘Don't get caught up with this shit, focus on the music.'" Eventually, the duo were liberated from Warner.

The Veronicas' third, self-titled LP opens with "Sanctified" – a bluesy stomp straight out of True Blood.

It's a product of Lisa's relationship with Tyler Bryant, whose band the Shakedown they hung with in Nashville.

I want to find out what will give them a similar sense of accomplishment – but the healthy version."We considered going indie," Jessica says, "but we thought, this is our last chance to do the pop thing; it deserved to be on a mainstream platform.We'll do a swamp-country thing once the Veronicas is over." She's not kidding.I’m sure there’s lots of good reasons, and I’m sure they’ll roll somebody out to counter thoughts like that, but I don’t see it.I travel the world, I’ve seen foreigners really shift on their view of America, and that’s hard for me to take.

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