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The Nest Cam IQ delivers some of the sharpest security camera footage I’ve seen.

Although it doesn’t have true 4K resolution, Nest Cam IQ has a 4K image sensor, which allows for a better zoom quality (12x digital zoom).

This generally presents itself as a numerical degree in the tech specs for each camera. The wider FOV you can get, the better, but keep in mind it will vary drastically between types of cameras.

Motion detection does two important things: it triggers the camera to record activity when it detects motion, and it sends you a notification that something has happened within your camera’s view.

These notifications and alerts can be particularly helpful with doorbell cameras and indoor cameras.

We highly recommend installing a monitored security system in your home to ensure that you have someone to assist you and alert the authorities on your behalf if there’s a break-in or other type of emergency.You can’t catch the bad guy if you can’t make out what they look like.That’s why I chose Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor as the top pick for an outdoor security camera.The YI’s 1080p HD resolution gives you clear, sharp images, which help to make out the identifiable features of an intruder caught on camera.I really like the YI Home Camera 2 because it’s basically a Nest Cam that gives you local storage with a micro SD card.

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Nest’s cloud storage program, Nest Aware, shifts Nest Cam Indoor into another gear that competitors just don’t have.

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