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“She seemed really high-strung at first,” Duncan said, pointing to a framed photo of the couple on his dresser. We’re a wonderful match.” But as their relationship grew, so did the rules.

To be taken on a date, Duncan had to notify his group home staff at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Gradually, he built enough trust with his girlfriend’s legal guardian, who oversees her care, so the couple could visit each other at their group homes.

Ninety minutes to talk, cuddle and get intimate in bed.With late-summer mosquitoes buzzing around them, the two giggled and caressed each other, their voices muffled by the rush of a nearby stream and the traffic above.“It’s our secret hideaway,” said Rachel, 21, who has Down syndrome, as she snuggled with Nicholas, 24, who has a developmental disability.Ninety minutes to watch their favorite wrestler, John Cena, on television.The clock starts to tick the moment Duncan shuts the bedroom door of his room at a Fergus Falls group home.

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It’s not much time.” Duncan said he met his sweetheart, who is 41 and developmentally disabled, while they were sitting at opposite computer terminals at the local library.

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