Gridview rowupdating e newvalues is empty

I used your code in Row Editing event and gridview becomes editable, but I still have some trouble in accessing the Edit Template controls...

the good old problem of getting the data from the row that is being currently edited within a Grid View. Accessing the "Controls": This method gets you access to the control in the Grid View, which might be useful based on what you are doing.

I too have been searching for this and all the "answers" that I've seen are not the answers I think some of us are really looking for.

All the mentioned methods I've seen here are not bullet proof references to a database tables field name.

Count; // string array to hold grid view column names.

Row Editing ds = Get Data() '// get your data here from database With gv Test .

Data Bind() End With End Sub Private Sub gv Test_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

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Find Control, I only get unedited values, those initially displayed from database, not the actual values displayed on screen. Rows(index) Dim str Add As String = "" str Add = (CType(row.

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