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JENKINS, Chief San Francisco BULLETIN 173 December 1956 MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA By JOSEPH MURDOCH University of Caliiomia, Los Angek j Los Angeles, Caliiomia and ROBERT W. There are numerous small deposits of manganese oxides in the state, and much of the ore may be nianganite mixed with psilomelane or pyrolusite. Imperial County: 1, Minor amounts of manganite are found with pyrolusite and psilomelane in the Paymaster district (sees. KNIGHT, Governor DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES DEWn T NELSON, Director DIVISION OF MINES FERRY BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO 11 OLAF P. It has rarely been defi- nitely identified in the state. In this search, nearly 160 serials were consulted, in most eases from their earliest numbers. Santa Clara County: 1, Malachite occurs with crystallized cinnabar in crystalline calcite from the Guadalupe mine, Kunz (24) p. Besides these, many individual piiblications were studied. Granite (and the surface form, rhyolite) has essentially quartz and orthoclase feldspar, with usually considerable plagioclase, and often hornblende or augite, muscovite or biotite, and minor amounts of apatite, magnetite, zircon, etc. Syenite (and trachyte) are much the same, but quartz is usually absent.

Sedimentary rocks are usually secondary in their origin, formed from the products of disintegration and decay of earlier rocks. Crystals usually slender, grouped in tufts and rosettes. Luster of crystals adamantine to vitreous ; of fibrous varieties more or less silky. 1873 Stibioforrite, 1873 Rosooelite, 1875 Posepnyte, 1877 t Sonomaitp. , University of California, Los Angeles; Professor C. Jenkins, Chief of the Division of Mines of California, and his entire staff of co-workers. 1S77 lonite, 1878 Tincalconite, 1878 Colemanite, 1883 Hanksite, 1884 Napalitp, 1888 Sulphohalite, 1888 Knoxvillite, 1890 Rpdingtonite, 1890 Iddingsite, 1893 Lawsonite, 1895 Nnrtbnpite, 1895 In this bulletin, minerals are arrangjed in alphabetical order, so that only the name of the mineral need be known to find it immediately. Douglas Woodhouse, University of California, Santa Barbara; and many individuals who generously wrote comments and criticisms. Financial support for the project was received from the State Department of Natural Resources, through the Division of Mines. 2, Malachite occurs with cuprite and chrysocolla at the Detroit mine, in the Jordan district. Respectfidly submitted, De Witt Nelson, Director Department of Natural Resources October 26, 1956 ( 3 ) Figure 1A. CONTENTS Page Preface 7 Introduction 11 Historical and geological sketches 13 Aboriginal and Indian minerals 13 Tlie discovery of gold in California 16 Borax 18 Crestmore 23 Pegmatite gem area of southern California 25 Cerro Gordo 27 The glaueophane schists 28 Uranium and rare-earth minerals 29 The Dana classification of California minerals 30 Description of California minerals and mineral localities 35 Bibliography 355 Serials consulted 355 Keferenees 362 (5) 3—33804 PREFACE Widespread interest in California minerals and mineral resources began earlj' in the liistorj' of the state, and has continued to increase to the present time. Hanks, then State Min- eralogist, carrying 135 species. A re- vision by the same author in 192-3 increased the number of known species to 417 (Bulletin 91"), and a re^asion by Professor Adolf Pabst, University of California, Berkeley, issued in 1938, increased the num- ber of known species to 446 (Bulletin 113). "Webb published a completely reorganized catalog (Bulletin 136) in which it was en- deavored to provide written, or at least authoritative verbal confirma- tion, of all mineral occurrences already listed, of all new entries representing old occurrences not previously mentioned, and of occur- rences discovered since 1938, \ip to and including 1945. It has received a great impetus by the organization of many mineral societies, which have multiplied in number, and now have large memberships in California. Blake's, which was published in 1866, and listed 77 mineral species in a small pamphlet of 31 pages. This was not possible in all eases, because many earlier references are apparently nowhere documented, and represent verbal information from some un- recorded source, personal observation, or hearsay.

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