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I am pre op trans, meaning I have a female body but I identify fully as male. I'm not looking for a romantic relationship, but who knows :) Comments: I would like to meet some AB's that are like me and will accept me for the way that I am and maybe meet some that are diaper dependant 24/7 and some that will want to hang and have a snack or something like that. I am looking for someone who isn't ashamed of me, and who insist on you bein yourself, and not something you are not............ Comments: I'm about to be 26 next month and my husband doesn't like to diaper punish me at all.

Would really like to chat over the internet with someone to get to know them and share interests and stories/ experiences.

I have had sporadic incidences of bedwetting over the course of my life, but never enough to warrant wearing diapers for that purpose.

I am a huge fan of PAW Patrol and Pokemon, and both of them satisfy my Little side. I would like to know if there are other people out there.

I'm like the nicest guy you may possible ever meet. To find out more about my interests and more about me, just email me at [email protected] text me at (469)435-9486. Loves kids and wants to be a teacher one day as well as play for a professional Wind Symphony or Symphony Orchestra. I am a boy but identify sexually as a girl and pass for one every day. I like fishing, soccer, history, reading, thinking, and various other things.

Comments: I am a student at Texas Christian University. Extremely nice and sweet to others, respectful and polite. I have been in diapers since I was 8, and suffer from chronic bedwetting. Just need a caretaker and a room to set it all up in. Comments: I live about 3 hours south of Dallas and 2 hours north of Houston, I travel to Houston regularly though. I do not want the whole AB thing to be the only thing we have in common, but again, I am always interested in a meet up! I'm 5'6 tall, 150lbs, 20 inch waist, and I live with my sister (she does not know).

But what makes me AB is that I need parental guidance to not only lead, but raise me too. Comments: I'm looking for other abdl friends, big brothers/sisters, and especially a daddy or caregiver. Like cloth and disposable, always with plastic pants. I would prefer to have a Mommy who is at least 20 years older than me. and more than that, some one of the opposite gender who enjoys this interest, same as me, I LIKE TO MAKE FRIENDS GAY/BI/STRAIGHT I DONT CARE, were all just people how need frinds in there life's.

When it comes to diapers, I almost exclusively wet.

I enjoy them both as an object of comfort, and also as a fetish.

I'm looking for someone to hang out with that has similar interests.

I can chat via skype, facebook, gmail, livemail, face time, kik and other services but would like to find someone local.

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I own lots of dresses, skirts, panties and home made onesies.

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