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My ex-wife was working a long shift and wouldn't be home until later that evening so I got in my car and drove 40 min to a meeting place we both knew.I arrived first at a pull off spot along the interstate.My wife would kill me if she knew." I replied Nervously Karl then asked "How do we start?

"Yes." he nodded I asked "Does your wife know you are here? She has let me taste my cum sometimes when it is in her mouth.

I told her that I would like to try the real thing.

She was not real happy but she said she would support me as long as I was open with her and told her every detail." "Wow, I wish my wife were like that!

Be honest, how many guys could go out in one night and eat the pussy of 5 different women with out fucking any of them or making any commitment? A woman could easily find 5 strangers, suck their cock, and walk away with no problems. I grew increasingly curious about what it was like to suck a cock. As it turned out the guy was online and live about 40 minutes from me.

I began to wonder why a woman would want to suck a cock but not fuck. I shared my curiosity with him and while talking I got so turned on at the thought of actually sucking a cock that we arranged a meeting that same day.

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