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But there are lots of places in Asia to teach English, you may say. Reason #1: Money There are three major English teaching destinations in Asia: Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.It is easy to find work teaching English almost anywhere in Asia, but most countries other than these three are relatively poor and can only afford to pay teachers a living wage.Foreigners are given free entrance to many bars where Taiwanese have to pay.And, although this is changing, police have been known to turn a blind eye to foreigners’ traffic violations.Although they are improving, and are certainly not bad countries to live in, they are not as welcoming as Taiwan.Korean men have a reputation for being fighters, and sometimes take exception to seeing foreign men dating Korean women.I've decided to examine - again, with no real answers because there are so rarely nifty solutions to these things - why there are so few female expats living in Asia, starting with this quote from the article: Dealing with it all may have been easier if I’d been able to build a stronger network of support.Although I was there with my boyfriend, I longed for female friendship.

Southern Taiwan is on the same latitude as places like Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and Northern Vietnam.

The tour is called „Blast to the Past: Walking Tour of Old Taipei“ and it’s not offered by a company, but by the National Taiwan Museum 國立臺灣博物館.

In today’s climate of financial uncertainty, where layoffs are rife and jobs are increasingly hard to find in many Western countries, more and more people are looking to Asia for employment.

Although many teachers live in Korea a long time and have no problems, incidence of violence against foreign teachers in Korea are certainly more common than in Taiwan or Japan where fights are almost unheard of.

Taiwan as a country and as a culture is very eager to join the international community. While many Taiwanese are unaccustomed to seeing foreigners, and will stare in amazement when they see us, the majority of Taiwanese are extremely eager to help and get to know us.

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Different countries in Asia attract different types of workers.

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  1. Moving beyond dates, one quarter of online daters (23%) say that they themselves have entered into a marriage or long-term relationship with someone they met through a dating site or app.