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She reappeared, trailed by a tall woman, with grey hair and a stout figure. She wore an expensive-looking blouse and tapered pants. I was, of course, a bit drained from earlier, so my cock was still recovering. "Turn around and walk to the balcony doors," Emily ordered. " I went on the balcony, twenty stories above the pavement.

Jade walked off to another part of the sprawling condominium. "Enjoy every second." Emily gently turned Jade's face forward. "Now, isn't that enjoyable to be able to make a man get naked?

"Circle the shaft with your right hand and move your hand down the shaft, to the tip, bring it back up, move down the shaft, to the top, back up, down the shaft, just like you would milk a cow, all the way, balls to tip, balls to tip. The combination of her silky hands massaging my balls and pumping down on my shaft was driving me wild. "I am taking g a video of your first milking" I was moaning loudly.

I read the ‘Confessions of a mail girl’ series and really enjoyed the story line.

"Hello," she said softly, with an accent that had to be southern. I waited in the huge living room, with a breathtaking view of the city through floor to ceiling windows. She told me to come close as they waited on the couch.

Suddenly, there were about six more women in the room. She laughed, swept up some of it off her blouse with a finger and licked it off. She was gorgeous, with silky black hair, huge green eyes a thin figure. The young woman grinned, two rows of perfect teeth. "Thanks Henry." He gave me a wary look, then nodded back to Jade and left. It is an exciting power." She reached out with her right and grabbed my cock. It only took a minute of her touch for me to grow fully erect.

One floor down the elevator opened and she pointed to the shower room. The two exchanged pleasantries, then Eve was right back to business.

"Hi, Eve," one of then women said to my young guide. A few feet away from her the woman who she had chatted with was now blowing a guy.

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