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He, Brooklyn, and Teddy attempt to make peace with Rashad and ask him to attend Skate Wars, Cascade's annual skate competition, with them; Rashad, however, refuses their offer.

Just as he decides that he will go, after being persuaded by his uncle, he finds out that Marcus is looking for Ant on the streets, searching for cash that Ant owes to him.

The two become attracted to one another and they later kiss when he gives her a ride home in his Chevrolet El Camino.

However, in contrast, Esquire instantly develops a disliking for Rashad's new love interest, considering her bad company.

Rashad tracks the two down and throws the money that Ant owes Marcus in his face.

The music for ATL was to be released as a soundtrack but they recorded so much music it became T. It features such singles as What You Know, Top Back, Why You Wanna and Aaliyah's At Your Best (You Are Love).

Meanwhile, no longer under Rashad's watchful eyes, Ant becomes involved with a drug dealer named Marcus (Patton) and begins to sell for him.

He also starts dating a girl named Tondie (April Clark), who takes a liking to him only after he began to make money through drug dealing.

At work one day, Esquire meets John Garnett (Keith David), a millionaire who heads a successful business venture called the United Express.

The two quickly become friends, with Garnett's admiration for Esquire's ambition and Esquire's respect for Garnett's success driving the relationship.

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Esquire sees an opportunity to obtain the letter of recommendation that would bring about his acceptance to his primary college choice.

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