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Despite the odds against them from an embarrassing meet-awkward at a mutual friend’s Halloween party, Carter and Evie immediately hit it off.Even the realization that they’re both high-powered agents at competing firms in Hollywood isn’t enough to squash the fire.Can Evie put aside her competitive nature long enough to figure out what she really wants in life?Can their actor clients just be something close to human?

LOL They seriously know how to make me swoon and laugh at the same time.This myth has a tendency to take aspects of an urban legend and is present throughout Guatemalan culture.According to the tradition, La Llorona is the ghost of a woman who lost her children and now cries while looking for them in the river, often causing misfortune to those who are near or hear her.But when their two agencies merge—causing the pair to vie for the same position—all bets are off.What could have been a beautiful, blossoming romance turns into an all-out war of sabotage.

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