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Jane said there was no way it could be anyone’s baby but Stephen’s, but her answer didn’t satisfy Isobel. “You do not fit into our family.” Movie: Stephen and his nurse, Elaine, get along well—so well that he eventually leaves Jane for her in a sad, but calm, scene.

Reality: While the movie glosses over Elaine and Stephen’s relationship—we assume they’re intimate, but there’s no explicit mention of cheating—Jane is much more clear about his wrongs in her book.

He and Jane divorced in 1995, and he married Elaine that same year.

Centring on the aftermath of the Soviet leader’s death, and based on a graphic novel of the same name, Russia’s Communist Party has already called on the Kremlin to ban the film.

Sitting down with , Iannucci spoke about the upcoming project (likening the titular character’s reign of terror to America’s current President), while also discussing Brexit, heading into space, and learning how to laugh at Donald Trump. Before this, I rewatched was based on the stories we had heard in the lead-up to the Iraq War, the misunderstandings.

Albans, where they were regarded with a suspicion and awe.” And Stephen’s dad did make wine: At one point in the book, Jane mentions how much she likes it.

Movie: Jane has a fear of flying, but the reason is never discussed.

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