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The problem is when women act upon that sexualization, they are then belittled.Men want women to willingly participate in hooking up but when women do, they are labelled with derogatory terms while most men are admired.However, if we are going to let hookup culture be a norm, the least we could do is allow women the benefit of not feeling disadvantaged or shamed by participating in it. Don’t you think it is time to let women own their sexuality just like men do? We have tried the top 50 best adult dating sites online with in-depth reviews on features, stats, pricing, pros and cons to help you find local adult singles in a fast and secure way.These ideals promote the objectification of women as sexual objects.

Because of these patriarchal ideals, “normal sexual behavior” for women would be that they are submissive to men.

like they think ur playing hard to get or something.

gurl i ain't playin hard to get i just want a little fun.

Kelly explains this idea by first stating that the primary thing young men and women try to avoid when hooking up in college is having a devoted relationship.

Because of the lack of commitment, Kelly believes that women ignore their desire to have stable relationships while supporting men’s desire for easy sex.

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