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On the last day of school I told him liked him and its already November and he hasn't said anything.*No, when a guy is staring, he wants to have #love-. He's not concerned if you are a great chess player, your IQ scores, or if you're a great cook, or would make a good friend. I've had guys that get #angry#ed in the gym, if they are staring too long, and i FINALLY give them the finger after i've done EVERYTHING else. They go and run to other insecure guys that have tried and failed and form a coupe. The first thing a guy is concerned about is, "Is she pretty? I've even heard them saying: "Oh, i hate girls like that." Like it matters.. " "I want the other guys to be jealous", "is she great in bed", "what can i do to get her in bed".

Then I looked up randomly and saw him at a table with friends, but he was staring at me and after a second I looked away cause I'm still too shy to wonder why.

Ask him out yourself, for men love women with confidence.

idfk what out relationship is- we barely talk but sometimes i catch him look or glance at me from across the room in the 2 classes we have togethe and it's annoying bc i never have time to stare at him because he's probably looking at me. There is this guy that i used to talk to but after a rumour i had confronted him about, things didnt exactly turn out good Me: hey i wanted to talk to you about something Him: Yeah sure whats wrong Me: There were rumours going around that you like me... cause I thought we were just friends Him: no i dont like you but if i tell you why don't get angry okay? Him: you are fat Me : oh my God i thought we were supposed to be friends font ever talk to me again The next day after people found out they came to see me when I had to walk past him and i had punched him in his stomach after crying this happened in March and he has been staring at me for months now and I have no idea how to confront him and lately I heard his friends making fun of him when they were behind me i really need sum advice on this i had never been in a relationship with anyone nor fo i want to There is this cute boy at my gym. He usually stares when he's far away but not when we are close. But anyways when we lock in eye contact we look for a second then I look away. Sometimes I see him staring at the corner of my eye.

I’ve met a few men who were pretty upfront about exactly what they were looking for – whether it was to settle down into a relationship or strictly a relationship of a sexual nature – and it made knowing how to proceed so much easier. But some nights, I really did want to cuddle and would accept the offer.

What I want keeps changing, it seems, but I articulate it as I go to ensure that any man I am seeing knows that. Little did I know, “cuddle” is apparently a code word for sex.

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